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Flexowall is a high performance SBS modified waterproofing membrane, specifically designed for the waterproof finish of vertical areas on roofs, as top layer in a build-up system and for tanking.
On roofs, the slated Flexowall is used to waterproof upstands and abutment walls. In a built-up roof system, Flexowall is the absolutely top quality reinforced finishing layer.

The bituminous compound of Flexowall contains only ingredients that help to guarantee a maximum waterproofing lifetime. Therefore, only bitumen and SBS are combined. No sand, fillers or oil are added as they undermine the longevity of a waterproofing product. Compared to ordinary reinforced waterproofing membranes, 50 % more SBS is added to the compound.
Flexowall contains a high quality thermally bonded polyester glass combination as reinforcement with a minimum weight of 200 g/m2 , which ensures perfect dimensional stability and excellent tearing strength. The membrane has a thickness of 5 mm and is finished with various modern colours of slates, where grey/green is the standard.

Advantages of Flexowall:

  • Easy to install;
  • Perfect adhesion due to the high contents of SBS;
  • 5 mm thickness;
  • No filler or oil added to the compound;
  • No shrinkage of the reinforcement;
  • Life expectancy up to 30 years;
  • 20 years of guarantee available.

  • Metal can
  • Plastic bucket

Application before and after

  • Purphal Patching mortar
  • Purphal Patching mortar


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