• Purphalt Joint - Crack filler
  • Purphalt Joint - Crack filler
  • Purphalt Joint - Crack filler
  • Purphalt Joint - Crack filler
  • Purphalt Joint - Crack filler
  • Purphalt Joint - Crack filler
  • Purphalt Joint - Crack filler
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You are here: Products » Purphalt Joint

Purphalt Joint | Crack filler

Reparing cracks, filling joints and stops "ravelling". Purphalt Joint penetrates deep into the smaller parts of the crack, providing waterproofing. Optionional chipping, after chipping ready to drive over.

Fast and cold-curing dual component crack and joint filler

  • Can be applied under cold conditions (-10°C)
  • Dual component system,
    Immediately ready after mixing and easy to apply.
  • Penetrates deep into the smaller parts of the crack
  • Can be optionally covered with granulate
  • Granulate remain on the surface after chipping,
    to give a visibly more pleasing road surface
  • Curing in only 30 minutes
  • Surface can be used for road traffic directly after chipping
  • Wider cracks can be pre-filled with granulate,
    including recycled asphalt (cost effective solution).
  • The product contains no fillers and is solvent free

Purphalt Joint - Crack filler



Application | Smaller than 1 cm





  • Purphalt Joint




Make sure the surface is dry and clean. Preferably with a compressor, to make sure that there is no moisture-containing material located on the bottom of the crack.

Add Component B to the metal can/bucket with Component A. and mix for two minutes

Fill the crack (optional prepairing the wider crack with granulate pre-filler)

let it dry for 30 minutes.

Optional chipping with dust-free granulate.


Application | Wider than 1 cm




  • Purphalt joint-crack-filler
  • Purphalt joint-crack-filler
  • Purphalt joint-crack-filler




Infill and sealing open joints





  • Purphalt Joint




Purphalt Joint is perfect to seal or infill a cut for by example data cable. The material “relaxes” when the crack is moving as a result of different seasons. The product can be applied by hand, or with a dual component mixing machine (max. output. 5Kg/min).


Purphalt Joint is available in:

2 - 2,5 kg metal can with spout(end-product can be mixed in this package)

190/260 kg steel drum

Consumption: crack 1cm width, 2 cm deep > 0,2kg/ml




  • Metal can

    Cartridge (400ml)

  • Tin can

    Tin can (2,3 - 9kg)

  • Drum

    Drum 200Kg

  • ibc

    IBC 1000Kg



  • Purphalt Joint





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