• Purphalt patching mortar
  • Purphalt patching mortar
  • Purphalt patching mortar
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Purphalt | Patching mortar

Purphalt patching mortar is a road repair system, ideally suited for use under conditions of (extreme) cold. Because of the fast curing, the interruption to traffic flow is minimal.

The dual component system can easily be applied by one road worker. You don’t need heating installations or special isolated trucks. The product is abrasion resistant and the minimum lifespan is equal to, if not better than the original road surfacing. The product is totally solvent-free and fully recyclable.

  • Workable in all seasons: under extremely low temperatures (below -20°C) as well as extremely high temperatures (above 40°C)
  • Easy to apply without heating
  • Excellent bond on virtually all base surfaces
  • Fast curing, resulting in minimum interruption to traffic flow
  • Abrasion resistant, durable solution
  • Optional chipping using any material desired
  • Totally solvent-free and fully recyclable
  • Significant layer thicknesses (>25cm) can be incorporated in one go and can be compacted straightforwardly
  • Can be applied on a slope

 Purphalt Rutting Test


Significant layer thicknesses (>20 cm) can be incorporated in one go and can be compacted straightforwardly.

Deformation graphics

  • Purphal Patching mortar
  • Purphal Patching mortar
  • Purphal Patching mortar


The product can be mixed and applied without difficulty by one person. The reaction time is about 60 minutes (after which ready for traffic).

  • Purphal Patching mortar

Make sure the surface is dry and clean.

Add component B to Component A in a seperate tub, and mix thoroughly.

Fill the hole and compact with a shovel.


Purphalt patching mortar is available in 15-20kg buckets, or 500kg bulk sacks. B-component is included.

  • Plastic bucket
  • Steel drum


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