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Leadax is the first lead alternative in the world with the same properties as traditional lead.


Non-lead flashing material, suitable for most lead applications like flashing (in)to a wall or chimney, flatroof, vertical tile&slate hanging and pitched valley lining:
Bitufa is the production company of Ubiflex & Leadax, lead free replacement.

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SBS modified bituminous Waterproofing membranes, with or without reinforcement:
The unreinforced membranes are extremely flexible, and therefore suited for waterproofing difficult details as recesses and corners. In a special manufacturing process, the unreinforced membrane is produced with a massive layer of 5mm thick SBS modified bitumen, which will give longest possible working life.

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5mm bituminous membranes without reinforcement for waterproofing basements, foundations (pile heads), bridge decks, viaducts and civil engineering structures:
Because the products contain no layer or reinforcement, elongation is up to 1000% with full recovery. Its compound is a pure bitumen-SBS mixture without fillers. The products have high penetration resistance and self-healing properties after puncturing.

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