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Ubiflex is a non lead waterproof flashing material which can be used in most applications where lead is traditionally used to provide a weatherproof junction at features such as changes of direction and materials.


  • Ubiflex B3 is 3.5mm thick and and can be compared with 18 pounds lead.
  • Ubiflex is strengthened by an aluminum mesh reinforcement (B)
  • Both sides are coated with a mixture of modified bitumen and additives (D).
  • The under layer is finished with a craft paper and film backing (A).
  • Granules are added to the top surface in three colors (C),


Video Flashing a cavity wall


Video Flashing to a wall


Application drawings

  • Purphal Patching mortar


Ubiflex is available in different sizes and colors.


  • Metal can
  • Plastic bucket
  • Steel drum
  • Steel drum

For more information on specific recommendations and limitations or sales, contact Ubbink or Bitufa Waterproofing BV. 



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