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Single layer vapour spreading SBS modified homogeneous roofing membrane (non-exposed

Flexoper consists of a 5 mm thick homogeneous membrane, the underside is provided with a vapour pressure release sheet made of perforated glassfleece. The membrane is installed using the torch on method. The cleverly designed pattern on the underside allows the membrane to bond only 15 % of its area; sufficient for a good and correct adhesion to the roof deck. The major advantage is that the remaining 85 % allows for compensation of any vapour pressure; this precludes blistering.

With Flexoper you install a waterproof layer and a vapour pressure release sheet in one operation. That considerably increases the lifetime of your construction areas and decreases the labour time required and therefore cuts costs.


  • Resistant to ageing, durable;
  • Shrink-free;
  • High elasticity, no tears or blisters;
  • Vapour pressure releasing, no blisters;
  • Homogeneous thickness of 5 mm;
  • Long lifetime means significant on-site savings;
  • Isotropic-flexible in all directions.


Self Healing

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